*This page is to tell you the consquences of breaking the rules.

Amount of Warnings:

  • Swearing - Immediate Block
  • Disrespecting -  1 to 2 warnings (depending on what the user did)
  • Vandalising - Immediate Block
  • Spam - 3 warnings
  • Editing somebody's user page - (without permission or being an admin): 2 to 3 warnings
  • Adding fake/false information - 3 warnings

Block Lengths:

  • Swearing - 2 to 3 weeks
  • Being disrespectful - 2 weeks
  • Vandalising - One Month
  • Spam - 1 month
  • Editing another user's profile page(without permission or being an admin) - A few hours (depends on changes)
  • Adding fake/false information - A few Hours (depends on information)

  *If you have anymore questions about this, please contact: Silly1!Nada mohamedJunatina or Perfectdisasters.

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