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Nada mohamed

Admin Discussion 4: Site and Chat Policy (No regular users allowed)

Now before we start our fourth admin discussion, I'd like to say something. Since we all agreed about how long somebody will be block and warned it will be put on the policy page and whenever somebody breaks one of the site policy rules you can check the page and see how long somebody will be blocked and warned. Also I think this is going to be our last discussion for the month. I know this is quite boring but it's better we get it done early than when new users hopefully come.

Site Policy

This is what I think should be in the site policy and if you disagree with something you can comment below. So here it is:

  • Be polite to other users and respect them being very rude to any user will cause an immediate block.
  • Express your opinion in a calm and polite way.
  • This wiki is for true info about the movie and book of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day wiki. It is not for fake info.
  • Do not dare to edit anybody's user page if it is inappropriate contact an admin because they are the only users that are allowed to edit a users page. If you edit it without being an admin or with no permission from the actual user it could result in a block.
  • Respect all staff members(Rollbacks, Admins and Chat Moderators) and trust them with making the right decision.
  • No Badge game meaning just to edit for badges.
  • No vandalising or spamming.
  • Do not add unneeded categories or they will be removed and you will receive a warning.
  • Do not make multiple accounts without a valid reason. This is considered sock puppetry. You may make a backup account.
  • Do not ask for any personal info.

So what do you think of the site policy? Does anybody have any disagreements? If so please comment below

Chat Policy

Now for this policy the chat moderators and rollbacks 'have to agree with this policy.

  • You may talk about random subjects in chat but nothing disrespectful.
  • No spoilers allows unless you out in the front of your message SPOLIER ALERT:
  • Use explicit language multiple times, there may be younger children here.
  • Do not share any personal info.
  • Do not impersonate any user.

These are the policies if you don't agree with anyone's please comment below.

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Nada mohamed

I also made a new template to put on the home page, what do you think:



Ed Oxenbould
Ed Oxenbould is an American Actor. He is casted to star in the upcoming disney movie, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

To learn more about Ed Oxenbould click here. Template:Cast Member Be honest.

Every time you refresh it gives you a new cast member

Ya, That's better than the last one. 


Thanks and is this our policy? If so we can't confirm the chat policy just yet because our chat moderator hasn't commented yet.


I think these are legitimate enough policies(: Sorry for not being on when you guys are :P


It's fine, I'll add the chat policy.

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