This Disscusion is Very Important so please read.

Administrators only, no regular users allowed to read this or else they will receive a warning.

Continuation if Admin Discussion 2

I'm very sorry about highlighting almost everything but I need to announce the new templates.

I didn't make them, I edited them. The credit goes to I didn't do it wiki and the Sam and Cat wiki for coding.

Anyways, here are the new templates.

This is a warning because you have {{{1}}} if you continue doing this, you may or will be blocked. Thank you and please review the Site policy'.


These are templates to warn users.

You have been blocked from editing for a duration of {{{1}}}. The reason for your block is {{{2}}}. We hope next time you know have to behave in this wiki and spend the time reading the site policy.

Thank You


This template is for when you block somebody, you put this template on their wall.

Admin Discussion 3

Now we need to talk about how long a person will be blocked after violationg a policy and we need to talk about how many warnings we give the user before we block them.

I think it should be like this:

Swearing:Immediate Block Disrespectful to any user: 1 or 2 warning depending on what the user did to be disrespectful Vandalising:Immediate Block Spam: 1 warning Editing somebody's user page: 2 or 3 warnings Adding fake info: 3 warnings.

Tell me what you think.

Now the last thing I would like to talk about is how long we block somebody after he/she violates the policy.

I think it should be like this:

Swearing: 1 month Disrespectful ness: 2 weeks Vandalising:1 year Spam: 1 month Editing somebody's user page: 1 week Adding Fake info: 1 week.

So what do you think? Please comment below on what do you think should stay the same or be changed.

Also our next two discussions after this one is going to be about the chat policy that we will be talking about with the chat moderator and rollback even though I think they're reading this because they are allowed and we will also be talking about our site policy and probably the continuation of how long somebody will be blocked and warned.

Thank you and please comment below.